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The economy according to Corbo ARRAY(0x1e19ab10)->[2] Articles, conferences, seminars, audios opinions and Senior Researcher of the CEP, Vittorio Corbo.

About CEP
Centro de Estudios Públicos (Center of Public Studies) -CEP- is a private non partisan non profit academic foundation. It is engaged in cultivating, analyzing, and disseminating the values and principles on which a free and democratic order is based. The center is a forum to discuss the issues and problems that affect Chilean people. CEP plays a leading role in fostering a national debate on issues ranging from new developments in the social sciences to the concepts and values that support a free social order.
CEP focuses on the analysis of philosophic, political, social and economic problems, as well as general public issues, with independent and critical judgement. This contributes to the solution of problems of national importance and to the understanding and promotion of key elements that assure the establishment and preservation of a free society.
The Center has several publications that reach more than 3000 people in the country and abroad. Among them: Estudios Públicos, (see files available) a quarterly journal with essays, studies and commentaries by academics and specialists in diverse fields, ranging from philosophy and literature to economics, politics and sociology, probably the leading journal of its kind in South America; Documentos de Trabajo (working papers); Puntos de Referencia (working paper briefings); and various books.
CEP is not focused on a specific area of activities. Every month CEP offers a full calendar of activities. A number of debates, workshops, series of lectures have been given by people like Mario Vargas Llosa, Hernando de Soto, Michael Novak, Robert Lucas, Eric Donald Hirsch. Eric Anderson, Friedrich Hayek, Margaret Thatcher, Václav Klaus, Peter Berger, Salman Rushdie and Milton Friedman. These are attended by academicians, university students, businessmen, government authorities, politicians, congressmen and general public.Various special projects are coordinated every year depending on the changing needs of the Chilean society.
Public Opinion Program

The Center also develops projects on a permanent basis. The most important among them is the public opinion program.

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Fundado en 1980, Centro de Estudios Públicos, CEP, es una fundación privada, sin fines de lucro, de carácter académico y dedicada a los temas públicos. Su finalidad es el estudio y difusión de los valores, principios e instituciones que sirven de base a una sociedad libre.

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